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Architecture & Design

Sites that feature architecture and design, including commercial and residential structures, homes and apartments, exterior and interior design, industrial design, etc.

Business Blog

Sites or blogs created by individuals, groups or companies for professional and business related topics.

Car Sites & Car Culture

Car Sites & Car Culture Sites that feature car culture, performance, and services, including review sites, online resources, pricing guides, and fan forums.

Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit

Sites for charities and charitable organizations whose primary purpose is helping people or other worthy causes.


Sites that are educational, promote education, or provide online curriculum or education services. This category includes educational content for children or adults, resources for educators, and "distance learning" courses. Does not include school sites, see School/University.

Food & Drink

Sites that cover the culinary world, including food culture, restaurants, recipes, and products. Sites created on behalf of a brand belong in the Advertising:Food & Drink Category.


Sites that provide information on personal health and well-being. These include medical, alternative medicine, health and lifestyle, mental health, and fitness.


Sites that are online editions or companions to offline business or consumer magazines, or sites published

Movie & Film

ites dedicated to moving pictures in all forms. Includes movie listings, film reviews, theory and history, and fan sites and fan forums. Sites created to promote a film belong in the Advertising: Media & Entertainment category.

Personal Blog

Sites and blogs about individuals. These personal sites are created by you about you, by you about someone else, or by someone else about you. Portfolio sites are not accepted in this category. They should be entered in Professional Services & Self-Promotion.

Real Estate

Sites marketing or promoting the sale or rental of residential or commercial real estate, including real estate listings, brokers and brokerage services, real estate agents, and sites for developments, buildings or other real estate holdings.


Sites providing consumers online commerce and retail sales of any products or services.

News & Politics

Sites developed for the distribution of recent happenings. These may be offshoots of established broadcast or other existing news operations, or developed specifically for online news.


Sites for schools (high school, secondary school, elementary school), specialty school, technical school, colleges, universities, and other schools.


Sites that provide travel services and information. These include online agents for purchasing tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, vacation packages, and other travel services. Includes online travel guides, travel writing, and travel tools.

Financial Services/Banking

Sites providing financial services and/or information. These include online stock trading, financial news, mortgage information, credit cards, or investor relations and services.


Sites featuring job and employment listings, job and career search services, recruiting services, career advice, headhunting, or other career or job-related information.


Sites promoting specific events including concerts, fairs, festivals, sporting events, tours, or other events.

Fashion & Beauty

Sites that feature personal style, clothing, design, and accessories. These include fashion and beauty editorial and style guide sites


Sites for law firms, legal service providers, pro-bono legal services, and self-help legal information that feature content on legal issues, trials, court decisions, or legal advocacy.


Sites marketing or promoting the sale or rental of residential or commercial anything


Sites primarily to display or promote art of any medium, art galleries, art auctions, or content focused on art criticism or the art world.

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5. Dates & Locations

Display of Map data / Geolocation

Showing a map with data points, eg venue locations, driver locations etc.

Display of custom map markers/regions

Allowing the user to select a map area visually or custom icons for different location types.


Selecting start and end dates, managing capacity etc.

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6. Social & Engagement


Allowing users within the app to send messages to other account users or groups of users.

Forums or commenting

Classic forum functionality for account users or simple commenting on information.

Social Sharing

Ability to share pieces of information in a controlled way on social media accounts to drive engagement.

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7. Billing & eCommerce

Subscription plans

Your web app will have a plan based revenue model where your customers will pay monthly or yearly.

Payment processing

You will process adhoc or regular payments from users and manage refunds etc.

Shopping Cart

Users will be able to browse products and add them to a cart, Amazon style.

Product Management

Ability to manage data, eg product listings, availabilities or other data relevant to your domain.

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8. Admin, Feedback & Analytics

CMS Integration

A content management system would allow editing of significant parts of the static content of the app without developer intervention.

User Admin pages

Account administrators would be able to list/add/remove/suspend users.

Moderation / Content Approval

Account administrators would oversee content submitted by users for publication and would have an approval workflow.

Crash Reporting

When things go wrong you need to know, we recommend Sentry.

Multilingual Support

Provide supprt for multiple languages for your app.

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9. External APIs and Integrations

An API for others to integrate with your app

You are building a platform and you want others to integrate with you directly.

SMS Messaging

Allow your app to send SMS messages.

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10. Security

SSL Certificate based Security

The industry standard way to ensure your users data is safe during their use of your app.

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3. Users & Accounts

Email / Password Sign Up
Facebook Sign Up
Twitter Sign Up
Google Sign Up
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4. User Generated Content

User Profiles

Users would be able to manage and publish their profiles to other users within your website, eg Twitter profiles.


Tags allow users to categorize information so that others can find relevant information.

Ratings or reviews

Typical use case for ratings and reviews might be restaurant reviews or customer satisfaction ratings.

Free text searching

Giving users the ability to search their data in natural ways perhaps with a type-ahead style search box.

File Uploading

Users would be able to upload file content, eg images, PDF's etc.

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